A simple yet sophisticated home sensing solution.

From expensive water leaks to unhealthy mold issues, Wally has you covered.

How does it work?

Wally got its name because it uses walls, and the existing wiring of your home, to create a sensor network. It alerts you of water leaks as well as important trends in humidity and temperature levels. Wally's simple design makes do-it-yourself installation a snap.

step 1

Sync the Hub.

After connecting our hub to the Internet, launch the Wally app and add sensors to the Wally network by following the prompts on your smartphone or computer.

wally home sensor
step 2

Place the sensor.

We are here to help you decide where to place your sensors so you can make the best decisions about ensuring the health and safety of your home.

step 3

Get notified.

When Wally detects moisture it lets you and the people on your alert list know right away so you can take immediate action.

moisture detection notifications

The strong, silent type.

Wally makes monitoring easy with minimal maintenance and strategic communication.

Always sensing, silently

Wireless Wally sensors monitor your home, day and night, ensuring against undetected water leaks or mold issues.

Long lasting & reliable

Wally's innovative networking system doesn't use energy-hungry Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so sensors last over 10 years without battery changes.

Use your home to help your home.

It turns out your home already has a great built-in antenna — the copper wiring in your walls. By using this wiring to create a network of sensors, Wally makes communication between you and your home easier than ever.

Stay in the loop.

Wally makes being connected a breeze. No matter when or where. Wally lets you stay connected with your home.

Constantly Communicating

Wally's network of sensors, hub and the cloud are in constant communication with each other, ensuring that your home is monitored.

Immediate Alerts

Receive a detailed, specific alert when there's an issue. Wally describes the issue and where it is in your home.

Back to Work

Once a leak is detected, just dry off the sensor and Wally gets back to work.

What we set out to do.

Our mission is to pair a revolutionary sensor solution with machine learning to provide homeowners with intelligent insights and information to help them maintain their home.

Get Customized Advice

By looking at patterns and trends within your home, Wally can analyze conditions and recommend specific things you can do to improve the health of your home.

Talking Tech

Wally got its start with our patented SNUPI technology. If you'd like to geek out on the technical side, it's all here.

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