Complete home sensing,
home or away.

Wally is Peace of Mind for Home or Business

  1. Sensor Place Wally Sensors throughout your home to monitor water leaks, temperature and humidity.
  2. Hub Connect your Hub via ethernet or Wi-Fi and place in a central location.
  3. Shutoff Valve Installed on your water main, the Shutoff Valve turns off automatically during a leak.

Watch for leaks behind toilets

Watch for leaks under sinks

Know when your door or window opens/closes

Watch for leaks under your refrigerator and dishwasher

Watch for leaks around the water heater

Know when your garage door opens or closes

Place your Hub in a central location

Protect the home with a Shutoff Valve on the main water supply

Wally uses wireless technology to create a network of sensors throughout your home, so you can be aware from anywhere.

Check out this home and its sensors placements. Prevention is the best medicine for a healthy home.

You and your home, connected.

Wherever you are in the world, the Wally app and website let you, and the people on your alert list, know what's happening in your home.


A quick and easy overview of what is currently going on in your home.

Immediate Alerts

When an event occurs, receive instant push, text, and email notifications that can save you the expense and hassle of water damage.

Sensor Detail

Understand current conditions where your Sensor is placed. Set your notification thresholds for temperature and humidity to best fit your home.

Setup Assistant

The Wally mobile and web apps guide you through a series of simple steps that will have you up and running quickly.

Wally Stories

Keep your home healthy