A Healthy Sunroom is a Happy Sunroom


5 Essential Tips

Sunrooms are the perfect place for plants and people alike to soak in some sunshine from the comfort of home. They can serve as a gallery for prized plants and a cozy place for conversation or a quiet read. So curl up on a wicker chair and read on to find out how to make the most of your sunny sanctuary.

1) Keep it cool

Since sunrooms are meant to let in sunlight and heat, it can be important to monitor temperature and humidity levels in the space. Conditions outside of a certain range could be harmful to plants, or put you at risk for mold. Consider a system like WallyHome, which allows you to set your custom humidity and moisture thresholds and receive alerts if anything creeps out of range.

2) Don’t let your decorations fade away

Once you know you’re sunroom staying healthy, it’s important to fill it with the right pieces. Since sun is an obvious component of any sun room, fabrics should be carefully selected when decorating. Opt for fabrics that won’t fade in the sunlight over time to avoid regularly replacing your furniture or accessories.

3) Privacy, please!

While big windows are the star of a sunroom, there are times when you might prefer a little privacy. Look at window treatments that still let light in, like a sheer curtain. This can easily be tied away from the window for a lovely, unobstructed view.

4) Walkin’ on sunshine

If you aren’t happy with your sunroom’s current floor, consider tile or brick for a fun, fresh, garden feel. The best part about this type of flooring is the variety of low-cost and DIY options available.

5) Take your plants to new heights

If you love showing off your favorite plants in your sunroom, consider placing plants on stands rather than directly on the floor. This will help them avoid extreme temperature variations which can be harmful to certain plants.

What do you love about your sunroom? Share your tips in the comments below!