Announcement: Wally Works With Nest (V1 Only)

At Wally, our vision of the connected home is one where your devices work together for a more intelligent, efficient, and comfortable home. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest partnership with our friends at Nest.

The Wally dashboard now offers a dedicated Nest scheduler that puts your WallyHome system and Nest Thermostat to work, optimizing the ideal temperature in multiple rooms for whole-home comfort.

Traditionally, thermostats only measure the temperature in one location – where it is installed, often in a hallway. Pairing WallyHome with Nest Learning Thermostat makes it possible to measure temperature in multiple rooms. WallyHome provides an accurate snapshot of a home’s temperature, making it easier to find an ideal whole-home setting. The more Wally sensors used throughout the home, the better Nest becomes at delivering comfort and savings.

To further customize your home’s comfort, this new integration allows customers to select specific sensors at specific times. The WallyHome Nest scheduler automatically adjusts the temperature in the baby’s nursery at night or moderates the temperature in the kitchen when the family is preparing dinner. WallyHome with Nest can also eliminate heating and cooling systems from running unnecessarily when a room is empty.

Have a Nest but no WallyHome? Questions about the integration? Drop a line to our to our support team!