Announcement: Wally Works With Nest (V1 Only)

At Wally, our vision of the connected home is one where your devices work together for a more intelligent, efficient, and comfortable home. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest partnership with our friends at Nest.

The Wally dashboard now offers a dedicated Nest scheduler that puts your WallyHome system and Nest Thermostat to work, optimizing the ideal temperature in multiple rooms for whole-home comfort.

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Feature Spotlight: Sensor Strength Indicator

At Wally, we’re constantly working towards a flawless customer experience, which is why we’ve introduced the Sensor Strength indicator. This new tool is perfect for setting up new sensors, or adjusting existing ones. If you’ve received alerts about sensors going offline, now is a great time to give their signal strength a tune up! The signal strength indicator provides real-time feedback, making adjustments easier than ever. Read on and follow these 3 steps for perfectly placed sensors.

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Feature Spotlight: Customized Charts

What it is:

The mold index showcases the likelihood that mold can grow in a certain area, based on the combination of temperature and humidity.

Why it’s important:

Once mold grows, it can be extremely difficult to remove, so prevention is key! This chart will allow you to see trends in mold potential in different areas of your home. While checking in can offer peace of mind, rest easy knowing the Wally Mold Forecaster will alert you if your readings get into the high potential zone.

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Announcement: Wally Works With IFTTT

At Wally, we believe a truly smart home is one filled with devices working together. That’s why we’re excited to announce that WallyHome now works with If This, Then That (IFTTT). Using IFTTT, you can now integrate Wally with dozens of other devices and apps. To learn more about the ways you can use Wally with IFTTT, check out the recipes we’ve created below. Then, head on over to IFTTT to create your free account and get started!

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Where Do I Place My Sensors?

Give yourself a pat on the back. Now that you’re a WallyHome owner, you’re protecting the environment, protecting your home and protecting your family. But how do you optimize your home health safety? Here are some tips about where to place your sensors to get the most out of Wally.

Even a small water leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage, so make sure to choose appliances that are often prone to leaks:

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Attics are often neglected, and this is where a slew of problems can occur. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, when it comes to your attic, you should be as vigilant as possible. Make it a habit to monitor two main elements in your attic: moisture and temperature.

Many of your living spaces generate moisture that ends up in your attic. If your attic cannot disperse it, moisture levels rise, and so does the chance for mold. So what allows this moisture to get trapped?

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Wally Saves the World (and Your Wallet)

Wally is your new best friend. Water leaks are every homeowner’s nightmare, but we’re here to give you peace of mind. While water leaks are about as eco-friendly as last night’s Styrofoam takeout box, the damage that comes along with one is detrimental to your wallet, too.  Water damage is a significant issue, and we have the numbers to prove it. Here are the not-so-fun facts on water damage: According to the Insurance Information Institute, the percent of losses incurred under homeowners insurance for water damage rose to 22.31% by 2010.

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The Importance of Monitoring Humidity

We all know the discomfort that comes with extreme humidity levels in the air, but what if we told you that those extremes were a hazard to your home, too? Cue WallyHome. One of our key features is monitoring humidity levels in your home, but why?

First of all, let’s talk about your health. If the humidity is too low in your house, it causes pesky static electricity, dry skin, a scratchy throat and our mucous membranes to dry out. Hello flu! High humidity is just as bad, and may be even worse, especially if it’s mixed

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Welcome to Wally

Just like the age-old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we believe in the same philosophy: Prevention is the best medicine. That’s why we’ve created WallyHome, a state-of-the-art sensor network that monitors moisture, temperature and humidity changes. Our home hazard sensor system is designed forthe everyday homeowner; we’re here to give you peace of mind about the health of your home in just a few easy steps. The Wally Team is tackling the problem of 

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