How long does the battery last?

The batteries in your sensor will last for 5 years under normal conditions.

What Internet data rate does the Hub require?

The Hub requires minimum uplink and downlink data rates of 128 kbps each.

Is WallyHome available outside the US?

Currently WallyHome is available for sale in the US.

Is there a tablet version of the applications?

Currently Wally has apps for Android and iOS for mobile devices. Users may use the Wally Web App through an Internet browser on a tablet.

Will WallyHome work in my apartment?

WallyHome works in a variety of residential buildings. We have tested in apartment homes and have found that most building materials accommodate Wally signal communication.

How many sensors do I need?

Each Hub can detect signals from up to 32 Wally Sensors.

How many sensors can I hook up to a Hub?

The amount of sensors will vary based on the size of home and needs of each user, depending on the areas of the home in need of monitoring. As your WallyHome Hub can communicate with 32 sensors at a time, you have the ability to place sensors in multiple areas around your home.

How many WallyHome Starter-Kits do I need to buy?

We recommend one WallyHome Starter-Kit per individual residence. You can purchase additional WallyHome Starter-Kits for additional properties or additional units if in a multi-unit property.

How much data does the Hub upload every day?

The Hub uploads about 1.5 Megabytes per day.

How do you store my data online?

WallyHome uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud servers and online storage. Amazon’s security policies can be found here:

Where is my WallyHome Account password stored?

Account passwords are not stored in the clear on our servers. WallyHome follows best practices and uses a non-reversible, slow, salted key-derivation function to protect your password by storing it in a securely encrypted form.

What information is stored on WallyHome devices?

Your WallyHome devices do not store anything about your home or account.

How is your data secured in WallyHome?

All information sent between the Hub, cloud services, and client devices (e.g., mobile devices, web browsers) is encrypted using SSL.

How does WallyHome work?

WallyHome is a complete home sensing solution that detects and notifies you of water leaks, changes in temperature and humidity, as well as when doors and window open or close. A leak is detected when water touches the contacts of the sensor, which are placed on the bottom. In the event of a water leak, abnormal reading of temperature or humidity, or if a door or window is opened or closed, Wally will send you a notification over Email, Push, and/or Text Message, alerting you to the affected area of your home.