Wally DIY: Pool Pump

Your pool was made for wet and wild fun, so it seems like the one part of a home that should never have you worried when it comes to water damage. However, pools mean pool equipment (like pumps and motors) which could spell danger for drier parts of your home or property.

Pool pumps are often located under cover, in areas like sheds, pool rooms, or near the house. This puts indoor areas at risk for water damage from leaking pumps. And, though sprinklers may be fun for the kids on a summer day, a big water bill due to a spraying pump is no fun for mom and dad.

If you do experience leaks with your pool pump, consider replacing the threaded fitting with a high temp fitting. The part costs about $10 and should take less than an hour to install. This kind of part is much more durable, and can help prevent future leaks. Sometimes, however, a leak could be coming from a worn out mechanical seal. This is the seal the separates the wet end of your pump from the motor and if it’s worn enough to leak, it’s time for a replacement! But good news, this is another cheap fix. A new seal should run you about $12 and also take less than hour to install.

For more pool maintenance help, check out this video for Leslie’s pool.