Mold: Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

What is it? The growth of mold, a type of fungi, is a naturally occurring process outdoors, but it may be easily regulated inside the home using WallyHome. Mold needs to digest plant and food matter to survive, thus it can survive on any organic substance as long as water and oxygen are present. Because mold can’t grow without water, the key component to avoiding mold growth in your home is controlling moisture. This is where we come into the picture.

Our wireless sensors can detect moisture, humidity and temperature in your home, and then they send a message alerting you right away if something is abnormal. By preventing water leaks from appliances in your home, you can avoid the financial burdens and health risks caused by property damages, such as mold. Now that you’re informed about the causes of mold, let’s talk about what happens if you have it. Mold does not just cause harm to your home, it can be a serious health risk to your family.

Your Home: You may find that mold has grown in more than one area of your home.  Not only does it attack porous surfaces, mold may also wreak havoc in your heating/ventilation/air condition (HVAC) system, which cannot be run until all of the mold is gone. Once the mold has been cleaned up from its site, you must still take care of the water issue that caused the mold to grow or the mold will return. This may be a very expensive endeavor, and some damages will require the costly services of professionals. As if that’s not enough of a burden, in addition to the finances required for removal and fixing the water leak, the structure, furniture or appliance affected by mold may have suffered irreparable damage; belongings and flooring in the same vicinity are at risk, too. Unfortunately, not all mold is visible. Hidden mold may plague your home, hiding behind wallpaper, for example. Hidden mold requires special tests to detect it, however, disturbing it may release mold spores into the home. These issues are preventable, so consider investing in a water detection system like WallyHome.

Your Family: Mold is a fungi that produces a variety of allergens with negative health effects. There is also the possibility that mold can produce potentially toxic substances, known as mycotoxins. Scary, right? Sensitive individuals are at the highest risk for reacting to mold irritants and may consequently suffer from nose, ear, lung and skin issues, such as sneezing, rashes, watery eyes. Maybe your unexplained hay fever is actually the result of some pesky mold. In those allergic to mold, asthma attacks may be possible as well. Children, the elderly and pregnant women are especially susceptible to adverse reactions, so it is vital to protect not only your home, but those at risk. Let’s remember what’s most important to us. A healthy home is a happy home.