Feature Spotlight: Sensor Strength Indicator

sensor strong header

At Wally, we’re constantly working towards a flawless customer experience, which is why we’ve introduced the Sensor Strength indicator. This new tool is perfect for setting up new sensors, or adjusting existing ones. If you’ve received alerts about sensors going offline, now is a great time to give their signal strength a tune up! The signal strength indicator provides real-time feedback, making adjustments easier than ever. Read on and follow these 3 steps for perfectly placed sensors.

1. Get to the indicator by selecting the sensor you want to adjust, then clicking Sensor Strength

sensor strong 1a

sensor strong 2

2. Press the button on your sensor, and click continue.

sensor strong 3

3. Try adjusting your sensor and look for changes on the chart.

sensor strong 4

Pro tip: If your sensor has a low reading, trying changing it from sitting vertically to horizontally (or vice versa). You can also try moving it in 90 degree rotations, or changing its location.

We hope this new feature helps makes your experience with WallyHome even better! If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to all-star support team, they’re here to help.