New Years Resolutions for Your Home in 2015

Kickstart your 2015 with these five New Year’s resolutions to improve the health of your home.

The start of a new year always comes abound with promises and resolutions. And as you may know from firsthand experience, only about 8% of people who make annual promises actually achieve their January 1st goals and objectives. However, if you’re a homeowner, there may be some simple, yet invaluable DIY home improvement resolutions that you may have been neglecting.

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Bathtub Blues? How to fix a leaking bathtub

Sometimes, catching a water leak can turn into a classic case of “whodunnit”. While it may not be the usual suspect, the bathtub overflow drain can be the cause of many bathroom leaks. If you think this might be the case, check for a water stain in the ceiling below a bathroom- a tell tale sign of a leaking tub above. While it may seem like ripping a hole the ceiling is the only way to make a fix, it’s often possible to resolve the problem from above.

Use the following steps to figure out the exact source of

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Toilet Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday from Wally

The toilet is an essential part of your home, but it likely won’t be the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations… unless it’s attracting the wrong kind of attention. A leaking or overflowing toilet can put a serious damper on the season’s festivities- and having extra guests in your home can put you at a higher risk. Check out these tips to set your bathroom up for success and flush your water worries away!

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Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Avoid expensive Air conditioner repair. Check out these tips.

We all love the summer heat… as long as we have our air conditioning. Depending on the climate, there may be instances when a bit of condensation is normal, so determining if you have a problem on your hands can be difficult. But Wally is here to help! Take a chill pill and read on for our suggestions for determining if your air conditioner is hard at work or hardly working

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