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12 Months, 4 Saves

Recently retired. Time to visit friends. See more of the world. Get away from the snow. That means being away from home more, sometimes for weeks. Police check the outside of the house. But what about the inside? When we’re home, things happen all the time that need attention. If the furnace fails and no one is home, will it get cold? Yup. So, we looked for a complete solution. Temperature, humidity, and water leaks. Remote notifications. The works. Found Wally. In its first season, Wally saved the day four times:

#1. Water filter in the basement sprang a leak. Wally notified us. We called the plumber. Problem solved with only one gallon of water on the basement floor, rather than flooding until we returned.

#2. Mice chewed through the air conditioner wires. A/C stopped working during hot, humid August weather. Wally notified us. Repair guy fixed the system. We returned to a pleasant home, rather than a potential mildew nightmare.

#3. Monster blizzard hit while we were visiting family down south. Record low temps. Massive power outages. Pre-Wally, anxiety would have been high: Does the house have power? Is the heat still on? Will the pipes freeze? With Wally, no worries: Could see the temperature from all sensors, hour by hour. Calm prevailed.

#4. Condensate drain on A/C clogged. Again, puddles in the basement. But wait! Wally never sleeps! We get an alert. The kids get a call. Two minutes with a pipe brush solves the problem, and we don’t come home to a mess.

You get the idea. We love this system. It’s like having a watchman who patrols the house, and let’s us be away from home without coming home to surprises, or worrying that we will. No surprises. No worries. No kidding. Grateful customer. Thank you Wally.

Kevin G Cambridge, MA
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