Want to share your story? Tell us where Wally is at work for you, or recount your water woes.

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Feeling creative? Share your story and tell us about innovative ways you’ve used Wally, or recount your water woes.

Thanks for the wonderful product!

After moving into a new townhouse from a condo, my partner wanted to upgrade their aquarium as we would have more space. Moving from a 40g to a 115g just added more worry to the “worst case scenario”, especially as we would be setting it up on the middle floor of a three-story house. His solution to address my concerns was to get the Wally Home sensor, to which (after some research) I agreed. I feel better having the sensor there, next to the base of the aquarium as well as having the ability to monitor it remotely. Thanks for the wonderful product!

Kevin M. Canada

Without the sensor, I would have never known

I initially bought the WallyHome kit to integrate with my Nest system. After putting the sensors around my place, the wally sensor under my dishwasher detected a possible leak. After calling the plumber, he advised me that it was a good think that I called, since my dishwasher must have been leaking for months. Without the sensor, I would have never known, or would have cost me a lot more to fix.

Franco P

The Wally system was the answer

I have a vacation house up North in the New England area that has one Nest system. I wanted to get a better picture of what was going on around the rest of the house and if ever there was a broken water pipe issue. The Wally system was the answer and has given me a better peace of mind. It was really easy to setup and my worries about the sensors not getting a strong enough signal was put to bed. Every sensor I installed from the one at the basement water heater to the upstairs bathroom is working great! The email alert system is a great feature and works really well; as I found out quickly when I needed to lower my temperature threshold on some of my sensors. Love the amount of data from the sensors , each having a full log of its activity along with outside temperature info is amazing. I have been telling all my friends and family about this…it really is that good.

Robert W Brooklyn, NY

Wally gives me the peace of mind 24/7

I use my Wally in several different locations around my home to make sure that everything is dry. One of the more important sensors is at the bottom of my sump pit, it is a lonely life down there but an important one. I need to be notified as soon as water starts entering the pit so that I can attach 2″ hose to the pump outlet outside so that water can be directed away from the house. Of course I rescue the Wally before it becomes submerged. My other sensors are around the house watching for water in the usual places, the washing machine catch pan on the second floor, the central A/C air handlers catch pans in the attic, around the hot water tank & the utility closet where our water main comes in and where I have had water seepage in the past. Wally gives me the peace of mind 24/7 that things are currently dry and will notify me immediately when things are not.

Thomas B


I purchased the Wallyhome starter set with six sensors. I placed one in each of my washrooms and by my dishwasher and water heater. The install was very simple. I also went online to learned about the open REST API and easily created a plugin for my Vera (Zwave) home automation system. Now, I use the Wally sensors to trigger my alarm and turn on all lights if a leak is detected. Awesome.

Kevin B.

Great product, great security

I moved into a home that had just had all new laminate flooring installed. The contractor who did the work did not reset the toilets properly. After 7 months, I ripped out the floor and discovered water between the flooring and the vapor barrier. I spent $32,000 removing all the flooring and sub flooring and replacing it. Upon finishing, I just happened to notice an ad for Wally. It was an easy choice to spend $300 on Wally in order to protect my new $32,000 floor. Three weeks after installing Wally, I got an alert from a bathroom sink. I was able to repair it before any damage was done, thanks to Wally. Great product, great security.

Terry P

The Wally system was the answer

We have a finished basement and a lot with poor drainage. If it rains our basement sump runs nonstop. This is especially disheartening while I’m sleeping or away from our home. Since installing Wally I’m sleeping through the rainy nights and at ease when I’m out of town. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Kyle W.

Crawl Space Security

I have a crawl space under my house and a sump pump there, as it appears to be the low spot on the block and used to accumulate water when there was rain. I’ve had no problems with water accumulation since the space was sealed and the pump placed, but I placed a Wally sensor there so I would know if any of my pipes were leaking. One night while I was at work, I received a text message stating that there was water detected in the crawl space. I came home to find one of my sprinkler pipes had burst and flooded the yard. Just enough water had gotten into the crawl space to trigger the sensor. Thanks to Wally I didn’t have water running all night long and was able to get the flooding stopped. Thanks Wally!!

Deana K. San Diego, CA

We love our Wally

Our water softener and well pump are in a bonus room at the far end of our home. We only go in there once a week and have been concerned about what could happen if the pump, pipes or water softener malfunctioned and began leaking water everywhere. We considered a cheap siren water alarm but we wouldn’t be able to hear it through the multiple doors to get to that room. Once we got Wally setup we were able to stop worrying about a leak in that room or the many other locations we’re monitoring in our home. Wally provided fantastic support when we had an issue getting the system setup and got an email response within 5 minutes on a Saturday. My wife and I enjoy geeking out as we track the temperatures and humidity on all of our sensors – we love our Wally and look forward to the years ahead with it protecting our home.

Franco P