Hub plus 5 Sensors Detection Bundle

Most popular for a smaller home


Easily outfit your home and place sensors in areas vulnerable to a water leak such as; under the sinks, next to your water heater, under the dishwasher and fridge, and any other area you'd like to monitor.

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Sensor Pack

Starting from $89.99

Place Wally Sensors throughout your Kitchen, Bath, Laundry Room, and anywhere you need to be aware of indoor environmental conditions to reduce the likelihood of a water catastrophe.

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Detection Bundle

Starting from $199.99

With the Water Detection Bundle, place the sensors in the areas you want to monitor most so you can react immediately when there is a water, temperature, or humidity issue.

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Prevention Bundle

Starting from $324.99

Go one step further from detection of a costly water leak and have the ability to automatically turn off the water to the property when trouble arises. You can also turn the water on and off manually through the Wally App.

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