Wally Rapid Response is a US-based troubleshooting, diagnostic and technician dispatch program. In the event of a water leak, appliance or heating/cooling system issue detected by Wally, a Wally Rapid Response Associate will troubleshoot the issue with you, step-by-step, and with your permission, dispatch a licensed service professional to your home to address the issue at hand. Through our partnership with ServiceLive, we bring you the peace of mind of being just a phone call away from a network of over 34,000 licensed and screened service professionals.

How does Rapid Response work?

  1. Wally detects a water or temperature issue
  2. You and your contact list are immediately notified, along with Wally Rapid Response
  3. One of our trained associates calls you to diagnose the issue at hand
**In Select Markets
  1. If the issue persists the associate will dispatch a specialist service professional, with your permission
  2. Service professional arrives in under 2 hours**
  3. Wally Rapid Response follows up

Bring Wally to your Home.

Enjoy peace of mind with Rapid Response, currently included for FREE* with your purchase of a WallyHome kit.

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Rapid Response Cost & Coverage

Wally Rapid Response troubleshooting, diagnosis and dispatching is currently free* and available in the following locations:

  • California
    • Los Angeles
    • Long Beach
    • Santa Ana
    • San Francisco
    • Oakland
    • East Bay
  • Illinois
    • Chicago
  • Florida
    • Miami
    • Ft Lauderdale
  • Indiana
    • Indianapolis
  • Ohio
    • Columbus
  • Wisconsin
    • Madison
  • Missouri
    • St Louis
    • Kansas City
  • North Carolina
    • Charlotte
  • Washington
    • Seattle
    • Bellevue
    • Tacoma
* Technician fees and repairs are not included.

For other service needs, visit our partner ServiceLive.