I see warning badges in my Wally Nest dashboard.

Unable to communicate with Nest: WallyHome is having trouble communicating with the Nest servers that control your thermostat. This condition usually rectifies itself after a short period of time. If you see this notice consistently, please contact WallyHome support.

Scene overridden remotely – click here to resume : WallyHome detected that the thermostat setpoint was changed remotely. This may be because someone adjusted the temperature using the thermostat dial, a Nest schedule or Nest learning adjusted the setpoint, or another application is attempting the control the thermostat. If you don’t click the badge, WallyHome will stop controlling your thermostat until the next scene starts, at which time WallyHome will start controlling your thermostat according to the scene settings.

Waiting for Wally sensor data: In order to calculate the setpoint for your thermostat, WallyHome must use a recent temperature reading from the sensor(s) assigned to the scene. The last temperature that WallyHome received from the sensor(s) is out of date and WallyHome is waiting for the sensor(s) to transmit an updated temperature before calculating a new setpoint for your thermostat.

Thermostat is in AWAY mode: When the thermostat enters Away mode, Wally is unable to control the thermostat setpoint. When this happens, the thermostat will use the Away setpoint that you configured in the thermostat settings. When the thermostat returns to HOME mode, Wally will resume control if a scene is active.

How does WallyHome control your Nest thermostat?

By using the temperature measured by your selected sensors, WallyHome tells your Nest thermostat to adjust its level so that the average temperature of these sensors reaches your target temperature.

Why is my Nest thermostat showing a different temperature than the target I set with WallyHome?

Because the controlling sensors are probably in a different room than your Nest, the Nest temperature may have to be different to achieve a desired temperature in the sensors’ room(s). For example, if your thermostat is mounted in your entry but you keep your pet (and a WallyHome sensor) in your garage during the day, your thermostat may need to be set to 77 degrees to ensure that the garage is a comfy 72 degrees. But don’t worry: WallyHome takes care of the details!

Why is the temperature in the room I selected to control my Nest feel hotter or cooler than my target I set with WallyHome?

If your sensor is placed on the floor, it may report a temperature that’s different from what would be measured at the height where a typical thermostat would be mounted. Try moving the sensor to a higher level (e.g., place it on a bookcase) to improve the temperature measurement.

Can WallyHome control multiple Nest thermostats?

Yes. However, you will need to be careful about which sensors you select to control your thermostats: If you choose the same sensors for more than one of your thermostats but choose different target temperatures, WallyHome won’t be able to satisfy both requests!

Why do you have to turn off your Nest schedule and all Nest learning behavior before letting WallyHome control your Nest thermostat?

In order for WallyHome to control your Nest thermostat, Nest’s internal schedule and learning behavior must be disabled so that they don’t try to modify your temperature at the same time.

Do my Nest Away and Auto-Away features work with WallyHome?

When Nest senses that you are away, WallyHome stops controlling your Nest and the Nest target temperature becomes the one that you set in your Nest for Away. When you return, if WallyHome has an active scene, it resumes control of your Nest.

Can my WallyHome sensors sense presence so that I can use them to let Nest know when I am away?

The WallyHome sensors cannot sense presence so you will have to depend on your Nest thermostat to sense if you are away.