How do I reboot my Hub?

A simple way to reboot your Hub is to single press the recessed reset button on the back of the Hub. This action will cleanly shutdown the device and it will reboot. Solid orange lights on the Hub will confirm that the Hub has completed rebooting and is reconnected.

Does WallyHome work with other smart home products?

Yes, we currently have integrations with Nest and IFTTT for our V1 Wally Hub and Sensor.

We are currently working on V2 Wally Hub and Sensor integrations and will update our site when they are live.

How will I know if one of my sensors stops sending a signal to the Hub?

If a Sensor goes offline, you will receive a notification to alert you. In the dashboard, you will also see that the Sensor has grayed out.

How do I view more information about my sensor readings?

Select the Sensor you would like to view which will bring you to the “Sensor Details” screen. Here you will find “Active Events” as well as graphs for “Temperature” and “Humidity”.

What if I want to move the location of a sensor?

When moving a Sensor location, make sure to go into your dashboard to “Edit” the Sensor placement. In the dashboard, click on the Sensor to view “Sensor Details”. Click on “Edit”, then change the Sensor information.

You may also unpair the Sensor and delete from the dashboard. Once the Sensor is deleted you can simply “Add Sensor”.

How do I add another sensor after the installation process?

While in the dashboard of the app or web, select “Add Sensor”. You will then be guided to add another sensor.

I am in the process of moving my Hub to another location. How do I stop receiving alerts temporarily?

Login to your account via the mobile app and select “Settings”, followed by the “Property” where the Hub is located that you will be moving. At the bottom of the “Property” section you will see a tab labeled “Alert Status”, where you can suspend notifications.

I had a leak and my Sensor got wet. What do I do?

After you take care of the leak, simply dry off your wally sensor and place in the same location. The sensor will immediately begin monitoring and reporting to your dashboard once again.

You will receive an in app notification informing you that a leak has occurred. In the dashboard of the app, the Sensor is highlighted orange and will remain orange until the Sensor is dry. Once you receive the “Sensor is Dry” notification, the Sensor will go back to its normal state in the app.