With Works with Wally, you are able to connect your favorite smart home products to the Wally network. Stay tuned for updates as more Works with Wally products become available.

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Monitor your home with Alexa

With Alexa voice commands for Wally, you can check on your Wally Sensors using a few simple phrases. Alexa can tell you about temperature, humidity, inform you of open alarms, and even remind you where all of your Wally Sensors are located

Enable your Wally Alexa skill
Amazon Echo WallyHome Skill

Get started with Alexa by
trying out these phrases:

"Alexa, ask Wally where my sensors are."

"Alexa, ask Wally for temperature."

"Alexa, ask Wally about my Kitchen."

"Alexa, ask Wally if I have any open alarms."

"Alexa, ask Wally for status."

"Alexa, ask Wally about my place."

"Alexa, ask Wally to turn on/off device."

Keep your home healthy